Why Cellercise® . . .

There are many forms of exercise and most work the body as individual muscles or muscle groups.  Since there are so many areas of the body to target, a typical exercise program can take up a lot of time.  In addition a majority of exercises tear down to build up.  The accumulative affect over time can be very damaging. Cellercise is the ultimate exercise as it flexes ALL 75 TRILLION CELLS at the same time! Even better, it requires only 10 minutes a day! Cellercise® is Dave Hall's unique name and process of exercise that applies weight and movement to every cell causing the entire body, it s parts and functions to become stronger, more flexible and healthier. Cellercise® works because all body parts and functions are made up of cells which are moving up and down with an increase of weight and circulation over 100 times per minute! By using vertical movement like weight lifting, push-ups, pulls-ups or sit-ups in a repetitive up and down motion against gravity, Cellercise targets ALL areas of the body at the same time.
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